How OSHA is changing foundries and what you need to do:

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How much does it cost to have a old wood fence hauled off in Tulsa OK?

Dont pay to have your fence hauled off, GO GREEN and recycle it for FREE!

Our Free Pickup and Haul-Off service includes:

Wood privacy fence up to 8′ tall

Can be stained or unstained

Can be painted on one side

(We will not take concrete, metal posts, chain link fence, or trash, but will take wooden posts as long as the concrete has been removed)

The fence should be in panels of 4′ or 8′ and stacked near the curb, driveway, or safe roadway. We will not remove from back yards.

We will run an industrial magnet to remove nails and other metal debris from the pick up area before we leave.

We also offer Our Fence Tear Out Service which includes:

We will tear down and remove any type of fence, wall, deck, or similar structure.

We have fully insured, professional crews.

We provide free written estimates.

Fees are based on type of fence to be removed and any additional services such as concrete tear out, post pulling, tree removal, etc.




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