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BLACK BOW RECYCLING is the industry leader in contractor recycling services. As a strategic partner, Black Bow Recycling provides a reliable, efficient, and free service to all of its contractor partners. We work closely with each company and create a logistical plan that ensures the timely and safe removal of any waste wood from either your work sites or storage yards.

We will remove virtually any type of unpainted wood, including treated and non-treated fence tear-out, wood fence posts, barnwood siding, wood decking, etc. In many cases, we are able to take wood flooring and barnwood structural materials as well.

For all contractors, we offer the following Free services:

WORK SITE PICK UP – We will coordinate with your team to schedule each work site location pick up. A team of Black Bow Recycling employees will come to your work site as scheduled and remove all reclaimable wood in a safe, professional manner. Depending on the type of material to be collected, the team will utilize our specially equipped flatbed or box-style commercial trucks. Once the wood is removed from your work site, we will clear the area of any related debris, run industrial magnets to remove any loose nails, screws, and staples, and notify your company of the successful completion of the service.

STORAGE YARD PICK UP – In some instances, clients prefer to have the waste wood brought back to their storage yards. Black Bow Recycling can easily accommodate storage yard pickups as well. Our specially equipped trucks are designed to work within the most common yard configurations.

Our Contractor Services are ALWAYS free of charge. We guarantee removal of all waste wood products within 24 hours, but most wood is collected within just a few hours. We are local. We are reliable. We have a 100% perfect customer satisfaction rating. In fact, 100% of the contractors that have tried our services just one time continue to work with us.

If you are not currently utilizing our services, your competitors are! Don’t let them gain a competitive edge over your important business. Contact us now and let’s get started!