Why Use Us

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BLACK BOW RECYCLING is the industry leader in contractor recycling services.  We work closely with fence companies, building contractors, municpalities, and others to provide reliable, safe, and professional support services!

  • Our services are FREE to our clients, and provide lasting benefits for their businesses, our community, and our environment.

  • We are local.  We are reliable.  We have a perfect 100% satisfaction rating from our clients.  100% of our clients that have tried our services one time have continued to work with us.
  • We reduce the time and expense you will incur in transporting and disposing of unwanted waste wood materials.  Eliminating this unnecessary drain on resources provides a significant cost advantage over your competitors.
  • We use state of the art technology to both collect and process all reclaimable wood products.  We have specially designed trucks and equipment that allow us to efficiently gather and recycle any quantity of wood products.
  • Our teams are working full time and our trucks run daily routes throughout the metro area.  We guarantee pickup within 24 hours of dispatch, but typically we are able to accommodate you within the same day.
  • Our processing facility comprises over 10,000 square feet of interior work space and acres of exterior space for sorting and storage. We have the capacity to handle any volume of business you may have.
  • We have created over 20 new jobs in our local community since 2015 and counting.  We provide an honest wage and meaningful career path for members of our community.  U.S. military veterans comprise between 10% and 20% of our workforce on an average basis.
  • 98% of all wood and related metal products recovered by Black Bow Recycling are returned to consumer or commercial use and do not end up in landfills.

*PLease note: We understand that in the past there have been other operations claiming to provide a similar service, only to leave their customers in a bind.  Some of these operations were based in other cities and pretended to be local.  Black Bow Recycling is not affiliated with any of these operations, and is owned and operated exclusively by local residents and members of your community.

But enough about us…..

  • Each year, the U.S. produces enought trash to cover the state of Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas!  By reducing the amount that ends up in our landfills, we also reduce pollution of our air and precious water resources.
  • This year, it is estimated that construction and demolition waste materials will comprise nearly 30% of all materials dumped into our landfills.  Reclaimable wood makes up nearly half of that construction waste.
  • Recycling that wasted wood produces six to ten times as many jobs than would be created in the disposal and landfill industries.  Using recycled wood materials also reduces the energy consumed by landfill operations.
  • Americans are becoming increasingly sensitive to doing business with companies that engage in sustainable resource practices.  A recent survey suggested that 41% of all American consumers prefer to do business with companies they perceive are “sustainable.”

  • For more information on how we may be of value to your company, or to schedule your first service, please Contact Us.